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The Bench of St.Croce

The bench S.croce is a collection of 5 great Rocky Mountains, located about a mile from the coast,
is a natural oasis, source of life and emotions for all those who have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this fantastic place.

Has for years been regarded as biological protection area because of the vastness and richness of
life forms both benthic and pelagic Mediterranean that the population: colonies of sea daisies, large
and thick branches paramuricee, walls covered with white and yellow sea fans, the all mixed with the presence of sponges, giant worms, Pinna nobilis, and the particular and mythical black coral.

Diving here means being surrounded by clouds of fish, especially during the summer, when the show is here before our eyes is incredible: snappers, bonito, amberjack all chasing smaller fish such as sardines, anchovies, damselfish, which closed in herd give birth to real walls in motion.

The emotions do not end when you cross the cave that cuts through one of the Rocky Mountains, from whose cracks filters the sunlight that creates an incredible light show, making life possible in this cavity.

A magic atmosphere is almost surreal, the union of these elements evoke a state of disbelief in the divers, as if time had stopped ... On this site we are dealers of a special area where we installed a mooring system for the safety of all our friends divers.

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