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Scutolo Point

This is a stretch of coastline that separates the beach Seiano from Meta di Sorrento. This wall is extremely fascinating to the peculiarity of its shape: the center emphasizes a rock shaped like a boat which precisely call "the ship". The tour is very impressive especially the move a few meters deep in a canyon between the "ship" and the rock wall.

This dive is particular for the abundance of benthic life, especially for the massive presence of Alicia Mirabilis, is not excluded the possibility of meeting the legendary fish S. Peter ... the average depth of 20 meters, ideal for all divers.

The Bench of St.Croce

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Doris Wreck

Wreck off the port of St. Lucia in Naples ... Continue


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Punta Campanella

Enter the beautiful blue waters of the Sorrento coast ! Continue


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